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Machine Sales/Leasing

We offer the option of purchasing a machine through us or leasing one through North Star Leasing Company.

Click here for Suburban Supply Financing information through North Star Leasing Co.

Click here for North Star Leasing Co. Online Application for Suburban Supply Customers


Machines such as, but not limited to:



The 37 Rack/Per Hr. Door-Type Dishwasher – 3D-S Series from American Dish Service is a great consideration for restaurants, bars, and institutions. This unit can wash up to 37 standard-sized dish racks (19.75” x 19.75”) each hour. It has a large door clearance, meaning it can accept taller wares than
comparable models. The dishwasher is a low-temp model that has a water temperature of 120°F. The AF-3D-S has a pass-thru outside sump with a built-in scrap accumulator for your convenience. All American Dish Service dishwashers are made in the USA and designed specifically for commercial foodservice use.
– Stainless steel air gap-fill eliminates the need for check valves and vacuum breakers
– 20.75” x 20.5” door clearance can wash taller wares
– Diagonal scrap trap provides easy screen removal
– Pump slides forward for quick service and repairs



It makes little sense to set the main water heater of your restaurant to
180 degrees in order to properly sanitize dishes; too much energy will go
to waste. That’s why several commercial dishwashers, like the 60 Rack/Per Hr.
Door-Type Dishwasher (CMA-180) from CMA Dish Machines, have built-in
booster heaters. The booster heaters are like mini water heaters that heat
only enough water to sanitize one load of dishes at a time, so little energy
goes to waste. The 180B also features a top-mounted control box.
– Safety Temp feature assures rinse water is at 180°F
– Stainless steel construction is sturdy enough for long-term usage
– Soil purging system filters food debris to an external tray to eliminate drain
-Special pull-pins on spray arms allow for easy spray arm removal

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ADS ET-AF Glass Washer

American Dish Service’s 30 Rack/Per Hr. Under counter Dishwasher – ET Series (ET-AF) is a space-saving option for restaurants and institutions. It can be nestled underneath a standard-height countertop or built into a freestanding ware washing center when combined with a stainless steel table
(sold separately). This unit can wash up to 30 racks per hour and consumes 1.7 gallons of water per cycle. The ET-AF-3 has a large door clearance to hold taller wares, including nursing home trays. The 1.5 HP wash and rinse pump ensures that wares are washed thoroughly. Service is made easy, as the dishwasher has a hinged, mounted panel. All American Dish Service
dishwashers are made in the USA and designed specifically for commercial foodservice use.
– Hinged mounted panel for easy service access
– Automatic chemical feed for operator convenience
– Under counter functionality will help save valuable kitchen space
– 14” x 22.25” door clearance can wash taller wares, such as nursing home trays


Champion UH130B Under-Counter Dish Machine

Standard Features

  • NEW “Sheer Energy” – a reduction in energy requirements while maximizing performance!

  • NEW “Multi-Power” – included “Multi-Volt” and “Multi-Phase”. Allows for infield conversion to 208-240 volt and/or single to three-phase with ease.

  • STEMSURE™ – soft start to protect glasses and dishes from chipping and breaking

  • Wash Refresh™ – Automatically drain the water for the next cycle, ensuring heavily soiled items are always sanitized with new wash water

  • Rinse Sentry – extends the cycle time to ensure 180°F final rinse

  • Built-in electric booster for 180°F final rinse water

  • Pumped drain

  • Door safety switch

  • Low-water tank heat protection

  • Detergent and rinse aid pumps

  • Quiet double-wall construction

  • 15-3/4″ door opening to accept larger wares, including trays

  • Stainless steel top and side panels

  • 141-second cycle

  • Wash pump, 1 Hp. motor

  • Fill and dump

  • Prime switch on the control panel

  • Automatic tank fill

  • Advanced Digital Temperature Monitoring

  • One year parts and labor warranty

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